Help for Your Daily Scripture Meditation

Begin With Prayer

  • Use the suggested prayer on our site if you like, or one that you know already. Turn your heart to the Lord as you begin.

Open Your Bible and Begin Your Daily Readings

  • Don’t rush thru your daily readings — and make sure that you are in a quiet place without distractions, so that you may focus totally on the intake of God’s truth into your soul. This is your time together — treat it as something special, because it is. It has the power to revolutionize your life!

Use Aids if You Have Them and Make Connections

  • If you wish to use outside aids go ahead. Also, look for “negative” and/or “positive” aspects of each passage.
  • “Negative” – Is there a sin to confess here? A fault rebuked? A bad habit to break? Wrong ideas to forsake?
  • “Positive” – A Divine promise to claim? A good habit to start? An action to take? A doctrine/teaching to believe?

Take Some Notes

  • Some will keep a journal or notebook, some will type on the PC, others will carefully mark their Bible. Whatever method(s) you use, make sure that it keeps what you have learned handy, and before you so you can reflect on it again and again.

Respond To God in Prayer

  • What has God put on your heart? What do you need to tell Him? Open up those lines of communication in response to the truth he has shown you!

Put The Truth Into Practice

  • Never, NEVER ever conclude your time of study/reflection without a clear picture of what you are to DO. Make it a commitment of your life to putting God’s truth into action.
  • It would be good to make a list of achievable goals, or “action points” that need to be implemented into your life. The point of Scripture study is change, not simply information-gathering!