Read 10 Chapters a Day From The Catholic Bible (Scripture Saturation)

We are pleased to make available this download, for those who would like to take their Catholic Bible reading to a whole new level!

It is based on the premise that we actually err on the side of reading too little of the Scriptures and with this program you will be internalizing lots of Sacred Scripture each day 10 chapters worth!

But dont worry, it is not as overwhelming as it might sound in fact, once you get accustomed to it, you will find that it is a very manageable system indeed.

The download link (below) breaks out Sacred Scripture into 10 separate lists and you will read one chapter from each list every day. There are checkboxes provided to help you recall your place (where you left off) in each list. (Please note: Download file is in Microsoft Excel Format.)

This is my FAVORITE way to read the Bible now, and I invite you I urge you to begin now to saturate your mind, heart and spirit with the timeless message of Sacred Scripture.

(P.S. This method can be used equally well by people who are brand-new to reading the Scriptures for themselves. Full directions are given in the download. Enjoy!)